Amethyst - Healing crystal

What is Amethyst ?

Of all gemstones, Amethyst is considered the queen of the realm of lithotherapy in the same way as diamonds in jewelry, because of its natural beauty and its remarkable powers. It is a powerful healer of all types of emotional negativity. Rich in history, amethyst is especially appreciated for its elegant and enchanting shades of purple. These gemstones represent wisdom of the mind and inner peace. Discover its multiple properties and the benefits it can bring to your spirituality, but also to your living space or to your minerals.

Etymology of the word “amethyst” ?

The origin of the name “amethyst” refers to Greek mythology. Etymologically speaking, the name “amethyst” comes from the Greek word “methystos” which means “drunkenness”, along with the prefix “a” which indicates deprivation. In short, the name “amethyst” literally means “not drunk” or “sober”.

To understand the legend associated with amethyst and this notion of sobriety, one must know that Amethystos is the name of a nymph, a divine female creature inspired by nature in Greek and Roman mythology. Dionysus, would have tried to seduce Amethystos many times, but she refused to give in to temptation. To protect Amethystos from the perversity of Dionysus, the goddess Artemis would then have transformed the pretty nymph into a cold and impenetrable rock crystal. Enraged and in love, Dionysus spilled his glass on this marvellous crystal which naturally took a new violet tint, deeply intense and mysterious. Well aware of this myth, the Greeks used to drink their wine in amethyst cups to increase their resistance to alcohol and protect themselves from drunkenness.

History of amethyst

Originally used as an ornamental stone, the gemstone amethyst was already used for decorative purposes by the Etruscans and Egyptians. It was also used in the 18th century to make staples and brooches. Even today, amethysts are considered precious stones, which is why they have been used on many precious objects in the past (British crown, Egyptian crown, Russian crown, etc.). Because of their color and the beauty of their brilliance, these gemstones are still among the most desirable stones. Purple in color, amethyst gems represent the stone of Bacchus. Like the Greeks, the Romans used to drink their wine in amethyst cups decorated with Bacchus, the god of wine, to protect themselves from drunkenness. They also made bracelets and necklaces to wear the deity that is Bacchus, but also the nymph amethyst.

In the biblical book, the amethyst gemstones keep all their importance. Since ancient times, the main symbolism of quartz is to encourage celibacy and piety. It is not uncommon to find it on the ornaments of the clergy in the Middle Ages. It is frequently found on relics, on bishops’ rings and on priestly vestments. Several examples illustrate this admiration for amethyst among Christians. Thus, Joseph offered Mary a ring set with an amethyst. Saint Valentine, the priest who started the festival of lovers, wore a pendant around his neck set with an amethyst. And finally, the bishops of the Vatican wore a ring with an amethyst as a symbol of their dedication to the church. The stone’s place is equally sacred in the Buddhist religion and appears regularly in the design of rosaries, a variety of amethyst necklaces with a pendant of amethyst.

A little later, during the Renaissance, it was no one other than Leonardo da Vinci who praised the benefits of amethyst gems. Thanks to the precious notes he left in his notebooks, we know that he used this purple mineral to increase his intelligence, his ability to concentrate and his creativity tenfold, but also to chase negative thoughts from his mind.

Amethyst Stone Benefits

Healing properties on the psychological level

In lithotherapy, amethyst is said to be the stone of humility and wisdom. It stimulates creativity, imagination and clarity. This stone plays a great role and promotes not only meditation, concentration, but also spiritual rise. It is also responsible for calming anger, fear, worry, anxiety, sadness and grief. From a psychological perspective, it helps fight addictions related to drugs, alcohol or tobacco and can even help people suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) to calm their daily lives.

Amethyst has the ability to be a stone of passage and to be a stone that understands separation. It can be used in the case of loss of a loved one, both for the one leaving and the one staying. A remarkable property and quality of amethyst gemstones is that they purify places and objects, whether through an amethyst ball or in another form. It purifies the physical body, but also the aura. It accepts and integrates perfectly the new things, the changes. It is also used to clean, purify and recharge other stones and minerals. The ideal is to proceed to this purification on an amethyst mat or an amethyst geode. The larger the size of the geode, the more effective the purification will be. However, one must be careful that the amethyst does not change color, in which case it could mean that the mineral is also in poor health.

Still in the process of cleansing a place, the amethyst gemstone contributes to peace and relaxation, it helps the wearer in bracelet or necklace, but not only. It helps to provide calm and deep relaxation if it is in a room. If it is in your living room, this stone will be able to increase the energy level of the room in question. If you prefer an amethyst gemstone bracelet, it will accompany you and offer you all the powers that amethyst offers. You will fully enjoy the calming and soothing properties it provides, throughout the day as soon as you wear it. In bracelet, it is possible to wear it in pearls of 6mm, going up to 14mm see more. In the form of a pendant, it will be placed directly on your solar plexus chakra but it is necessary to take care that it is in direct contact with the skin, it is the ideal in lithotherapy…


Amethyst crystal for healing

Healing properties on the physical level

On the physical level, the relaxing energy of amethyst helps relieve high blood pressure and muscle pain. It is particularly effective in releasing tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders. By re-balancing the aura, it allows to find calm before sleeping. Thus, you can put it on your bedside table or under your pillow to benefit from a deep and repairing sleep, but also to make beautiful dreams. Its soft and comforting vibrations are suitable for adults, children and even pets.

In addition to calming hyperactivity, amethyst is a mineral that protects the memory, heart and respiratory tract. In times of recovery, it accelerates the healing process. In the form of a necklace, for example, it helps to relieve headaches and to fight against all forms of addiction. Moreover, it is strongly recommended to facilitate the elimination of toxins from the body.

Ideal for women, amethyst crystals stimulate fertility, hormone production and endocrine glands. This feminine quartz also promotes the harmonization of menstrual cycles. Amethyst gems are considered to be the ultimate healing stones. One thing is for sure, this pleasant feeling of well-being will only have positive repercussions on your body and mind. Some people use it to speed up the healing process, especially for burns.

Healing properties on the spiritual level

Spiritually, these gems are associated with the seventh chakra, also called the coronal chakra. The center of wisdom and knowledge, the coronal chakra allows you to open your mind and access a whole new level of spiritual awareness. So wearing an amethyst pendant, for example, allows you to gain new knowledge and break down any mental barriers. Thanks to this powerful purple stone, your mind is calmed, your fears vanish and positive thoughts flourish.

Generally, it is your earthly ties that block the coronal chakra. If you tend to be too down to earth and can’t let go, keeping an amethyst quartz near you can help you step back, clear your mind and listen to that little inner voice that guides you in your daily life; it’s your intuition, and very often it’s not wrong. By opening the coronal chakra, amethyst allows you to rediscover the inspiration, creativity, imagination and innovative spirit that lies within you.

How to maintain and preserve amethyst ?

Over time, the energy of amethyst is diminished. To overcome this problem and to continue to enjoy its benefits, you just have to take good care of it. The first step is to regularly clean your amethyst to eliminate negative energies, but also to preserve its natural brilliance. Whatever its origin, Brazil, Uruguay or others, you can clean your amethyst stone with spring water, salt, earth or incense. The simplest solution is to leave your quartz in a container of slightly salted demineralized water for a few hours. To recharge, you can place your amethyst under the light of the moon, preferably on a cluster of quartz.

This recharging process allows you to recover all the good energies and powers of the amethyst gemstones. Avoid sunlight which could alter its color. Amethyst is a resistant mineral that enjoys a beautiful longevity. However, keep in mind that it is a stone sensitive to strong light and high temperatures. If you take good care of it, your amethyst will be with you for many years.

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